Who out there has released music using the Organelle?

Hi guys. First time caller.
I’m considering getting the Organelle to wake up and shake up my work flow a bit.
Curious, who out there has been releasing records made with some Organelle?
Though I know it’s up to me, I guess I’m a bit afraid it’ll be a noodle factory that just sits there for spliffed out fun but will never carry over into my actual productions. So I guess looking for a bit of inspiration and consolation
Thanks in advance!

Hi there.
There are other examples, but here you have one.
When the vinyl was released i was discovering the Organelle.
This song has several patches: Nori Sampler for the music toy that sound and the hasrh sound at 2:30 it’s also done with Nori Sampler.

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Try here:


My effort a few months ago!


cool stuff!

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this one made quite a lot of use of the organelle —>

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