Organelle stuck on newly downloaded patch?

In particular I have now experienced this with the “AmbientFX” patch and the “NESWave” patch.

Basically, after downloading and unzipping those two patches, opening the “Organelle-patches-master” sub-menu just opened those patches and I am unable to search for any other patches or enter the sub-menu.

I remedied this by uninstalling them via USB on my PC, so no harm no foul, but is there any reason why those patches didn’t work? Or rather that they did work but made it unable to do anything else on the Organelle? Is it the OS? I’m not really sure.

When you unzipped did you see if they created a patch folder with a main.pd file inside that patch folder?
More info here:

I’m not sure if I follow completely, but for the “AmbientFX” patch, there was a folder created, so deleting that was easy. But the “NESWave” patch was completely hidden after I unzipped it, so I basically just did a clean sweep of all the patches I downloaded this morning in an effort to get back to where I was and not reinstall it.

As mentioned in a recent thread here, I wonder if this problem can’t be partially solved by the install process looking for main.pd and treating that as the root of the patch?

For example, if the .zip file is not properly formatted and does not contain a subdirectory, then the installation process can detect this by finding main.pd in the root of the archive, and remedy it by creating a new directory to contain the patch. The name of this directory can simple be the .zip file name. This won’t solve the problem when the installation happens by unzipping the patch manually, but it could result in less issues when installing via the Organelle menu. :slight_smile: