Organelle USB Midi and MPC Live as a host

Hi again - I’ve concluded that I’m not capable of making a video worth watching with just my phone camera, which is my only resource in that regard. I would check out the review video by loopop for examples of the midihub’s extended functions ( - my apologies if you’ve already seen it). It’s worth noting that most of these tricks could be achieved via a DAW, but I just find that I like the workflow with the midihub editor better for whatever reason, and it has made it much easier to get all my gear communicating.

Hey @eno_morricone don‘t worry. No need to do any video. I’ve already watched all the Blokas videos, the loopop one, the synthdad and some more. I have a pretty clear view of what the Blokas MidiHub is now but I couldn’t find specific setup with MPC Live/One and/or the Organelle with the MidiHub.
So I just need to know the following:

  • what will I be able to do with the MidiHub that I can’t do with the MPC, Midi specific wise in standalone mode, no computer, no computer DAW? I’m aware that tools like Ableton are capable of creating sort of Midi FX but as I said, I need to stay away from computer when playing music. :wink:
  • what would be specific uses of the organelle as a host with the MidiHub in connection with an external synth? In my case, I have a 0-Coast.
  • still with the Organelle, What would be the advantages of the MidiHub that it won’t be possible to do via PureData? I’m really not a PD ninja and the MidiHub OS X software seems way more easier to understand for newbies.
  • I have an Organelle One with midi via USB. If I understand correctly I will need to connect the Organelle to the USB midi port of the MidiHub (that would be then USB powered) and then I would be able to extend the organelle midi connectivity. Is there any specific organelle patch example to use in that situation?
  • is it possible to use the MidiHub to help the Organelle to be the master sequencer with multiple midi synths?

Many thanks for your time around these questions,



Hi @nicolasbulb sorry for the delay again. I’m gonna try here to answer your questions (at least partially!)

  • Although you might be able to simulate some midi fx in the mpc itself, I don’t think you can easily do things like set up a midi looper, transform different kinds of midi messages into each other (e.g. notes into cc, etc.), or filter out certain kinds of messages, which I find quite handy when connecting multiple things.

  • I often times use the organelle to distribute sequences from different orac modules (each on their
    own midi channel) to different pieces of hardware/software, while still using the organelle sound itself. This doesn’t require the midihub however.

  • Honestly, my PD skills are limited to making adjustments/additions to current patches, so I can’t really say. I think it would be very difficult to make a single patch which could replicate the possibilities, though I’m sure you could replicate individual functions in a single patch.

  • That is correct. I have the organelle M and typically use the trs jacks, but I just tested the midihub out with the USB and it works as expected. What you need to do however is setup a patch on the
    software editor first and save it to the midihub as a preset. Example use: I setup the turingmachina patch to output an evolving sequence, and use the distributor in the midihub to send each note round-robin style to the 8 midi channels on my digitakt, using the chance object to add the possibility of randomly dropping notes along the way for extra variation.

  • This is definitely one of the benefits of the device, as evidenced by my example scenarios above.

I hope that helps! I don’t want to sound like a cheerleader for a product here - I suspect there are many other options that would achieve what you are looking for, I just haven’t used them personally. The only thing I would note is that I do spend a fair amount of time using the software editor, tweaking the various patches I have setup. This doesn’t bother me, but if you’re looking to get away from the computer, there might be better options - and since you only have usb midi on the organelle one it’s important to keep in mind the potential for annoying back and forth from editor software to organelle until you have your presets dialed in.



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Hey Jason, thanks for the detailed feedback and explanations. These kind of thread with helpful inputs of devoted members are truly a gem. I’m really intrigued by the MidiHub and the whole spirit, the devs and the built quality seems to be the perfect match. I’m finishing a big illustration project this week and I’ll give a second thought about it again… Thanks and best,