Organelle v1 2019 and os 3.2?

Hi, is there any plan to have the 3.2 os for the Organelle v1 (2019)? If so, what’s new in 3.2?

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iirc C&G have said the updated OS will be made available for the organelle-1, later this year.

but, currently there is not much new user functionality, mainly the changes are for supporting the organelle-m.
the update would mainly just bring the organelle-1 in line with the current code base, which is quite a bit different now. but this is ‘future proofing’ , end users wont really notice this.

there are a couple of UI changes e.g. the top status bar (audio etc), now features a wifi indicator, wifi setup in the web app… bound to be others I’ve forgotten :slight_smile:

I personally don’t think there needs to be a rush to put it out, as currently organelle-1 users wont see much.

also, from my side, there are a couple of things Id like to add before the next release (if it aligns with C&Gs timing) - and also Im sure there are a few small things that need may addressing for the organelle-m given experience out in the wild.

(an example, is i want to move VNC work, such that VNC is supported ‘out of the box’ on both organelle-1 and organelle-m… and move it into the Wifi Menu)

anyway, just a personal opinion from what ive seen.

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I think this would be such a great feature to have “out of the box”. Some new synths offer wireless display options through apps, like the OP-Z, and even though offering patch editing over VNC isn’t exactly the same experience as that, I think it would be great to be able to tell new users they can just enable a setting on the Organelle and get a graphical interface going on any device that can run a VNC client. Thanks for your great work!


of course, you can already do this (on both organelle-1 and organelle-m) using my patch on patchstorage here
but it be better integrated, and Id prefer it on the wifi menu, as the work flow is:
Settings -> wifi setup-> start wifi , then start vnc
(whereas currently, you have to come out of wifi menu, go back to top, and select Extras->startvnc)

small thing, but when you do it regularly its nice to make it quick n’ simple :slight_smile:

Any updates on the availability of OS 3.2 for Organelle v1?

Yes, we are working on OS update for Organelle 1… don’t have exact date yet, but shouldn’t be long.

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