[Suggestion/Request] Patches Banks or Subfolders

I’ve been using the Organelle for just a week now, but I’ll certainly be using it for stage and recording.

I noticed I’ll need to make some changes on some patches to make them more specific to each song I’ll be playing, and as I play with different artists, I think it would be really nice to have the possibility of adding subfolders to the patches menu. In that case I could specify a folder named THURSDAYGIG and add there just the 15 patches I’ll need, with the correct start configs.

For now I’m solving this using different USB sticks (didn’t try yet, but it’ll work, right?).

Do you think it’s possible?

Thank you all.

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What have you found is the limit on the stock USB stick? Did you run out of space? I think a subfolder would be a great idea if the USB stick is maxed out but if not A work around could be to load multiple of the same patch if you have different edit settings for the same patch? You could then just rename them? But if you’re looking for some kind of complex internal midi or Pd interconnection then I’d have no idea how to go about implementing a subfolder

Hey James,
No, no problem with space limit.
It’s just a simpler way to organize the patches if I could do it in folders.
Yes, for now I can just load multiples of the same patch, renaming them, but then I’ll start to have to scroll through lots of patches to find what I need. A subfolder would make it a lot easier.
Thanks for replying!

Word , that’d be helpful I look forward to someone answering !