Altering Patches file structure?

I’m currently trying to get all patches to sit within a tiered folder structure (eg. "Patches > Synth > 4WaveFM). The used Organelle I bought didn’t have any folder structure, just patches all mixed together. The complete C+G Patches set does have this structure, but I have a 3rd-party patch already installed that I can’t seem to find on (“Square Synth”). Therefore, I can’t move that patch, otherwise it won’t work. But, I also don’t have the original zip to install it inside the right sub folder.

Is it possible to move file structures around - via USB / PC - and not mess up the patches? I tested this with a patch (one I was able to reinstall), and it didn’t work.

On a side note: if anyone knows the Patchstorage link / name for “Square Synth”, that would be much appreciated, so I can reinstall it.

Yes, you can move patches around.

Take a look at the ‘Managing Patches’ section of the manual.

The Square Synth patch doesn’t need to be a zip, just make sure the main.pd and any other files it requires are in the same folder (i.e. “Square Synth” or whatever you want to call it) with the same hierarchy as it is now. If the hierarchy changes, the patch may be looking for necessary files the wrong location. If you have trouble, posting a screenshot of the folder contents may help.

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OK, thanks. I’ll try again and see if it works.