ORHACK : output issue


I’m maybe stupid. I try to use ORHACK as an effect processor, I have audio input but I don’t have audio output when I want to use clds or any others effects. Please can you explain me the way to have output ?

I’ve got an organelle M

Can you give more information? Here’s how I would set it up. First have some sort of synthesizer or audio input in the beginning of the chain. You can use the external input by plugging in a guitar or bass and then going to the router module, find the gain settings for the chain you have the effects on and turn it up. If you are using a guitar or another mono source, you may need to adjust the panning. You should be able to play and hear your source.

From there, you can start putting effect modules in the chain and hear them act on it. Some effects are a bit more complicated to figure out (like clouds) but that is how you would do it. I would ensure that you are able to get the effects to act on your source by starting with a chorus, delay, or a more simple module.

Also if you have USB midi devices plugged in when turning on the organelle, I’ve noticed that can cause some issues with no output. Try turning the organelle on first, wait for it to boot and then connect your devices