OTC "No Modes Found"

I’ve downloaded the OTC mother and all those instructions found here…

everything has been alright, just haven’t been able to get my Organelle able to recognize the Sandisk Cruzer U? I’ve recently formatted it to the FAT specs…see attached screenshot. What could be going wrong?

Hi Little Bird, are you perhaps using a seperate usb-stick for the etc-patches?
I got mine working as i put the Modes-folder on the main directory of the organelle usb-stick. My Organelle USB-stick was formated in FAT32, i don’t know if that makes a difference. So basicly like:

Organelle [DriveName:]

	    >0 - Sound & Midi Evaluation
	    >S - Aquarium

… I hope it helps to get it working for you :stuck_out_tongue:!

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This did it!!! thanks BST


EDIT: glad you got it fixed.

if i’m correct, you have illegal characters as your volume name, and also it should be master boot record.
name it USB not usb>.