Panning in the daw

Especially Dear Garageband or Logic Users,
I need some newbie help for my further plans. Cause after some extensive research i couldnt find an answer. It´s mostly about recording into a daw (garageband or logic). I am pretty new to the DAW World. But i want to record and mix my own songs (Guitar, Organelle, Deluge…) with garageband or logic. Maybe Garageband at the beginning. Here is the thing:

I have for example a nice Sequence built with the Distributer Rec. patch or the Transient Segmenti Patch. So in general I have a nice sequence…

I want to build an arrangement around it with guitar etc. So i record the sequence in my daw. So far so good. But how can I seperate parts of the sequence for further editing, like panning etc. For example i want to pan hi hats of the sequence to the right… the chords to the left…etc.

Thats a thing i cannot really understand. Sorry if it is more a question for a logic group but here are always kind people and I appreciate your help so much!!

Anyone? :frowning:

Quick searches yielded:

Panning in Logic:

Panning GarageBand:

Hey Chrisk! Thank u first of all! Due to my bad english I guess I couldn’t properly explain the problem in my head ; ) I know that this is basic stuff in a daw in general. But very specifically I don’t understand how I can edit a sequence I made on the organelle like transient Segmenti in the daw. I can do no panning etc of specific parts on the organelle so how afterwards in daw. But I have to dive deeper into the daw world I guess and get more into the whole process. Thanks again!

From what I understand of your question it’s the DAW side of things you’re needing to upskill on? Someone like “musictechhelpguy” on YouTube has an extensive & free series on Logic aimed at people wanting to learn stuff.

Failing that there are pan knobs/ dials on the logic mixer & they can be automated.