Patches working on Stepmother but not in Organelle

Hi evryone,
I’m quite new at puredata programming,
I’m trying to make two incredible Martin Brinkmann patches work on organelle,
they sound and work nicely on stepmother but in organelle they make glichty sounds and slow down the whole machine, can someone tell me why?

Thanks for sharing, I’ll have a look. Wondering if some other members already ported Martin Brinkmann’s patches to the Organelle?

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I ported 7Tones and it works .

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I’d guess that the patch is too demanding on the organelle cpu, while your computer handles it ok. If there are graphical (sliders, knobs) elements to the patch that you can remove then that might increase the chance of it working on organelle maybe?

thnk you!
I’ll try that

if someone is interested in, here is the ported 7tones Patch


wooo,thnk u man!

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