Pawn Shop Pocket Piano - Speaker Not Working

Hi all

First time here and first C&G product I’ve bought :). I picked up a Pocket Piano MIDI today at a PAWN store.

All in working order apart from the speaker. I opened it up to check connections and the board seems healthy and everything was connected fine, couldn’t see any damaged solders in the speaker either.

When connect on the Line Out, everything works fine so I think the firmware is OK.

Could it be the speaker components itself has died? if it has can I get a replacement anywhere?

The board is marked as C&G 2011 if that helps.

Thanks in advacnce for any help you can offer!

Sounds like the previous owner fried the amp. You should replace the amp IC:

that’s great, thanks for the tip. I’ll probably take it my local synth store here for repair.

that link is incredibly useful too! out of interest, any chance you could point me toward the speaker component too?