Pocket piano not responding


Hi, I have been using the pocket piano to record with which has been fine, But yesterday while playing live it just started randomly not making sound when i pressed the keys. It was powered from the mains, Anyone else have this problem, Thank you


What are the specs of your power supply? A photo would be helpful…


Hi this is the one i got http://r.ebay.com/o5nYZn

thank you


Thanks - that link doesn’t list the output amperage. What is it?


Hi, No it does not, I have asked the company to let me know asap, Thank you


i they just got back to me with this the Max amperage is 1.2A (1200mA). thank you toby


That’s plenty of amperage.

Were you playing through the Pocket Piano’s speaker or out of the 1/4" jack (connected to another device)?

What mode were you using (red, yellow, etc.)?


Hi I was using the PP through the 1/4" jack out going into a mixer, The mode’s were varying thank you toby


Do you get the same behavior when you use built-in speaker instead of mixer?


I’m having the same problem. Unit powers up, speaker clicks once normally, no response from the keys. I replaced the battery with a new one, no sound comes out. Even when I control it thru midi, no output.

Any luck resolving this?


Hi, Did you email us direct about this?