Pedal Emulation Mode/Menu Question

Hi everybody

I am trying to figure out the in and outs of all these new multi page pedal emulation patches in relation to the pedals themselves. I was wondering if anyone had any general tips on how to isolate modes and have more direct control over the sounds coming out of these bad boys

I am mostly referring to the 5 delay and 3 pitch modes on red panda or the different modes on the infinite jets

I love these patches so much and just want some tips on how to tame them I have trouble understanding to what degree all of the menus are interconnected


the best way to isolate the delays in panda is to do your settings w/o delay then add delay as needed. I wrote the code for an expression pedal into Ped Pander but did not connect it so others can assign it for them selves. There are just too many different types of expression pedals to make it universal.

FOr infinite jets try to grasp that in the regular pedal the modes are exclusive so they act individually of each other so focus on a section and try to turn down the other sections because they would not all be working in the pedal so in the emulations it’s up to you to set what you like


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Thanks this is exactly what I was looking for