Infinite Jets Emulation UPDATE

ok ok fer chrissakes

Does someone have an infinite jets on here?
if you all really want this thing done please send me

1.) the specs from the company – these are usually very descriptive heheh and explanatory them not thinking we could haz their pedal so easily

2.) if someone OWNs one of them a few descriptive lines regarding it would be very nice

some pledge dough for the cigarettes i am going to smoke while making it. CT smokes are 12$ a package hahahaha

lol, keep those cards and letters coming

but really The only reason i am making it is so i can call it 'Here come the Warm [infinite] Jets.


I have one. Just getting my arms around it. And new to the forum. Do you have a PayPal account to help you subsidize the development?

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listened to the demo and read the user manual i think i am going to print it out so i can get it working properly

So far i have the
Blur section
Glitch Section
Synth section idea working
Don’t have the Swell section yet
I have the LFO but i am going to make it variable

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Guessing you saw this video? I’d been kind of avoiding watching it til now cos I knew my wallet would panic… But yeh, something similar on organelle would be amazing. Gonna hit your patreon some point next few days and fund some of those cigarettes :wink:

this is not super difficult but i am trying to lay it out before hand so the menus do not get confusing but i am thinking

Page 1 Sample 1
Page 2 Sample 2


Holy whatsits i’m getting exited now.

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how many seconds does it record? I have a looping input volume based recorder with three modes working right now

off records three seconds
mix records into the recorded buffer
add adds to the buffer

the first test i did with blur mode failed because “re-synthesis” either means FFT or more specifically a phase vocoder. and the first one i wrote just would not open on organelle so i need to tweak the values.

Volume based sampler is working rather well and i am loving this vibe if we can then Smear/blur the buffer.

Working on the most intensive stuff first because everything else is a given if i can get it playing nice.

i was working on the basics last night but then Rosemary’s baby was on last night and the Cats and i watched it in our jammies

36 PM


Check out this one:

I also will send some funds your way tomorrow shreeswifty to help!


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A BETA of HERE COME THE INFINITE JETS is just about done.

I had a huge breakthrough and we will have two samplers of with infinite overdubbing capabilities plus a glitch section that you can adjust the playback of glitch and random or reverse.
The Synth part is not done yet but it honestly is the LEAST taxing on the organelle. The Sampling and the BLUR/GLITCH are the hardest.

I Still need to add the envelopes and the LFOs [which i want to make variable too and program the menus and the footswitch.


here is about 40 seconds of the blur section working from the pedal emulation.
It works pretty nice and this is just one four second loop from a tangerine dream synth line through the emulator

not sure how good the sound will be but i think you can get an idea



Super excited for this one! Sounds really interesting already from your descriptions.

Maybe someone that owns a pedal can describe or film what the dimension knob does per effect (from the website - “Dimension control, for manipulating parameters unique to each effect”) so it’s less of a shot in the dark in that area? Altho judging from your past patches it could be cool just to see where your imaginiation/inclinations take you :wink:

So completely stoked this is happening. Thanks again, Shreeswifty! :airplane: I’ll kick some extra cash in on patreon when I get paid this week!

my main challenge is getting the BLUR section to work without killing pd.

Re-synthesis as i mentioned before predicates FFT/PhaseVocoding and often with Pd/Max you need to have a readable table/array to do operations on the data. BUT this might mean [and the MSR price suggests] there are two algos one for RT [writing into a table and reading it in RT but this requires a tablplay~, and i cannot use a tabread4~ which is more efficient and nicer but the table has to be written completely, i and going to try tabsend~/tabreceive~ and see what happens but last night i was having luck with phase vocoding a sound and reading it back into the sampler it was sounding spectral and similar to what i was hearing in some of the demos i found and i was very enthused


okay i got the dual samplers sampling 4 seconds nicely. FW/BW SLoMO
but the phase vocoder thing i wanted to use nuked me. changing directions and found and alternative that i actually like better.

i am printing the user manual at work today :slight_smile:


Gosh Now i know why they charge 425.00 what a pain in the hiney
I had to re-do the samplers
i chose a different Glitch section which is working nicer
So i see how/when you switch between operations things have to get turned off or things will explode
i think the PV i chose will be a little nicer
So after a re-write
SAMPLER1/SAMPLER2 are working backwards/forwards +/-2
Glicth playback is working
Blur is working
I need to watch the SWELL section next


Both Samplers working
Blur section working
Dimension is working
Glitch section is working 100% now

Dimension currently is
1.) a butterworth filter
2.) a Dual 5 second delay line w/ Hi-PAss Filter and a
3.) vocoding reverb

Last night i designed the envelope feature for output and i am working on the Waveforms


Both Samplers working
Blur section working
Dimension is working
Glitch section is working 100% now

Dimension currently is
1.) a butterworth filter
2.) a Dual 5 second delay line w/ Hi-PAss Filter and a
3.) vocoding reverb

working dependbly

SWELL section testing, seems to be working, Amplitude based sampling from Main inputs


this was helpful but ultimately did not work either but it sent me in the right direction because see i was ASSUMING that envelope meant ADSR when what i really needed was an envelope follower so i tweaked threshold~ and a delay for as long as the envelope, in this case the ADSR time is the same as the Sample length [2 seconds] which took some finagling and playing and it may be something that folks can play with and tweak/save and i will more than likely do a preset for the ADSR/ENV FOllower so you can get the interesting effects similar to the infinite jets pedal.

What i am very excited about is that without peaking i kind of nailed the “dimension” section or at least it “sounds” like i cam very close to replicating what the pedal sounds like prior to actually plugging one in and playing sound through it

So the envelope section is completed and now i just wnat to multiply a few things by some wavetables and we can move to menus. This one has been ALOT of work.

I am going to need a monogrammed Bowling Shirt for this one. hahaha


hey everyone

A quick update.
After adding all the elements dual samplers, blur effect, synth effect and glitch section i found that it was a little too slow and if you had or did not turn off another part the patch would slow down to a snails crawl so i am re-tooling it. After playing with one i think i have a much clearer handle on WHAT needs to be employed and i am going to re-tool the synth/blur sections and i have added a much better envelope follower. This might sound like a lot of talk but it’s infinitely better [pardon the pun] than you all having a buggy READ:shitty BETA that only does half the job 1/2 well.

So please hang tight I’m working on it and t he patches i have been releasing in the meantime all hold an element that is being vetted for the main patch.

Also i heard a lot of talk about RED PANDA, does everyone mean the Particle Delay?