Pedal Emulation Set



I want to have a set of the Pedal Emulations. I like the idea of sets so people can get them all and see the power of Pure Data and the Organelle. So far the response to the pedal emulations has been really inspiring but i want to include one more AFTER the Infinite_Jets is completed, the count_to_five gets it’s final update and the Heavy_water is updated for the new Menu system.

I was thinking about the Electro Harmonix Pog2 but i woudl be willing to consider other ones if there is significant interest. Now before you type H9 --that’s probably NOT going to happen :slight_smile: but another weird DSP pedal that is not a 900$ Eventide box could probably be added so we have a set of 4 really cool pedal emulations to choose from.

1 vote POG2!


The Strymon Deco would be useful for what I’m doing/I’d love to not have to buy one


Shree on a tear! Planning the next already :facepunch: So dope whatever it is.
This could be really cool, makes use of midi and footswitch like an Organelle. Second half of the video is where it gets interesting i think.
or this, i know you already did something like it but a fully featured version could be brill


i think if folks are serious i am hopeful you will track down the tech specs for the pedals, some might be easier than others and the specs will tell use pretty quickly if it’s possible. Some newer once with a dedicated harddrive might be hard to emulate but you never know

Links to the company or pdf would be best as well as videos i think the Heavy Water is pretty close to the meris one and i think Exp Pedal might be nice too


for this one have you tried the RE-Space Echo Emulation that Baptiste made? seems like that would be really nice for that


Pog 2 emu would be sweet :slight_smile:

Or a Warped Vinyl mkii. I have one (could help out with example audio files etc) but would be very cool to have it in organelle too and potentially able to chain it on to other patches in future if not too heavy on CPU.

Edit - just re-read OP and saw the ref to DSP pedals. Dunno if that’s rigid or Analog can be considered too?


Quite right, post edited to include links!
I agree the warbly LFOness of heavywater could create similar effects in that area, but it is missing the delay function central to the Meris pedal.
Psyched for that one either way! :slight_smile:


Is there already a patch similar to old blood dark star?


I’m a fan of:

Mr. Black Supermoon (regular and Chrome)

Red Panda Particle

The pitch-shifting stuff the Pigtronix Echolution 2 can do

As well as octave stuff a la POG/Whammy/Sub’n’Up, etc


+1 for the Red Panda ‘Particle’ actually
For reference:
Or maybe the soundhack patch pitchdelay covers similar ground minus the lfo?
There are so many Organelle patches which could be fetishised with another ‘Knobs’ treatment now. Perhaps C&G should hit him up for another round of praise :slight_smile:


Hi guys, +1 for the Red Panda Particle. I love that pedal!


+1 for Red Panda Particle. Great suggestion!


All good replies, but I’d certainly get the most mileage out of the Warped Vinyl mkii.


another one for the Red Panda!


I use the ZVEX instand lofi junky on a lot of stuff. I was going to have a bash at trying to create something similar that could be dropped into a bunch of things as a lo fi compressor. EHX Freeze and Super ego are neat functionality on pedalboards too.


Who is knobs? A person I assume?


He’s a youtuber who popularized the currently popular (also best and most appropriate) style of pedal/instrument demos. No talky, no horribly cheesy rockin lixxx. When i was in a toss up between Organelle/OP-1 this video clinched it for me.


You sayin you don’t like my blurry cellphone videos and cat cameos?


Hahaha dude I didn’t realise you were competing in the market my bad!
Pretty sure cats improve any YouTube video though.


oh totally…because…cats