Pianelle: Synthesia-like dysplay for learning new songs


Pianelle it’s a virtual pianola in the same vein of Synthesia.
I use it mostly for learning new meme songs.


  • You can change and reverse speed of playing, or totally control the position of the score.
  • Zoom in and out of the score
  • Ships with a couple of retro videogame songs but you can add your own.


  • Knob 1: Adjust the playback speed. in pause mode, it scroll through the song.
  • Knob 2: Adjust the zoom of the score
  • Knob 3: Adjust the volume of the organelle keys
  • Knob 4: Adjust the volume of the pianola notes
  • Aux Button: Toggle pause mode
  • Encoder Knob: Select song
  • Encoder Button: Exit patch


  1. First of, I wanted to stay vanilla, so I went the route of reading text files instead of directly from midi files. This conversion processes is done on a PC/MAC/LINUX computer. (Maybe python can be run on the organelle, but idkh)
  2. Add the midi files you want to src/midi/ folder
  3. Run parseMidi.py
    (you need to have installed Python and the mido module: https://pypi.org/project/mido/ )
  4. The converted midi files will be automatically placed on the miditxt/ folder
  5. Copy the new txt files (including list.txt) to the miditxt/ folder on the Organelle patch.

DOWNLOAD from patchstorage


Boah. This is a fantastic idea. My daughter loved Synthesia. What stopped her from using it was the fact that building up the computer with the interfaced and so on was to complicated for her and I wasn’t always around.

Great idea.

I like this patch too. I’ve been able to fix the sound clicks issue i had (on Organelle M) by simply adding 5ms to the audio buffer (can do this by creating a pd-opts.txt into the patch folder and write “-audiobuf 15” into it). :+1: