Please convince me (or discourage) to get an organelle

I’m wondering about getting one. I have a couple of analog/digital synths, volcas and op-1. I lack of effects and was wondering how it serves as an fx machine.

Besides the weird sounding delay patches (which I personally like very much) I’d also like some more regular effects like plate reverb emulation for e.g.

I was trying to find on yt some regular effects from it but no luck :).

Is the cpu capable to provide space’ey loong reverb without glitches and with acceptable latency ?
I don’t know PD much but I’m not afraid of it and I’m ready to dive in.

Shreeswifty made a patch with loads of different types of high fidelity reverbs, there is very good plate reverb patch that (i think) critter and guitari made too. From the sounds of what you have already, the organelle will fit perfectly into your setup. It pairs really well with other equipment as an effects unit. I use it with a volca FM a lot and love the sounds I get from that combination.

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Thanks for reply. Just saw your yt video :). Organelle sounds lovely in your case. Now I’m even more closer to buy it …

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Hey @sucik

I just got my organelle before the weekend and I am really happy go have gotten one. No regrets here :slight_smile:


Do you remember the name o @shreeswifty’s patch with different types of reverb? Or even etter, where can I find it? Would love so se those for inspiration :slight_smile:

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@Jaffasplaffa before rising this topic I was looking for something you have created here: :). Didn’t find it somehow… It’s nearly the same problem !
Will you be able to post your reverb findings ? It’d be really helpful.


I dont know where to find reverbs dedicated to Organelle. But some patches in Organelle has got reverbs in it. Maybe you could check them out?

Besides that, Tom Erbe did some lectures on reverb designs:

There are a few designs to choose from. But you have to adapt them to Organelle, of course.

if you are interested in Reverbs Miller Puckette’s reverbs in the Vanilla release are world class
Some of my instruments use the Griesinger reverb algorithims, there is freeverb of course and in my translations of LADSPA code there s a 44 algorithim reverb unit on most of the vintage synths, BEWARE it still needs some adjusting but it works is a little finicky at the moment but that will change.

Also Wiiliam Brent’s research gives us a real-time Convolving IR based reverb unit convolve~ but it is quite expensive processor wise but it does work and probably needs a re-compile for Arm7

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Fluidsynth is available thanks to oweno on the patchstorage site.

is here, you unzip them then place them in patches, run them once and reboot
reboot and install them separately to be on the safe side but they cannot hurt your system

Ladspa will give yo a TON of effects and recently i made a Hammond Organ based completely on LADSPA
It just gives us a bunch of options and are fun. They are loaded via the plugin~ eternal

The new vintage synths use the 44 Reverbs. The parameter values need a little adjusting so experiment


Cool going to look into getting that working too, the fluid synth.

What about the CSound? Have that been releases yet? That library looks insane :slight_smile:

It’s done. I am working on some help patches for it.
I am also working closely with Joel Matthys for RTCmix which will give use Physical Models and then [Csound+RTCmix]
I think there is interest in tweaking of using Bill’s shell object to run Supercollider inside the organelle. It uses OSC for all it’s communication and i am going to reach out to joo won park to see if he can help me create a SC loader for Organelle/Pd. You would run your patch and it would change to RW mode, run the script and you can tweak SC from the organelle interface.

Also i am interested in getting the monome to interface [Grid/ARC] but so far the wonderful helps that Gila wrote slowdown and crash with my patches but i think that is more my heavy patches and not his code.

And finally using pdparty or MobMuPlat for a Visual Interface for patches on ipad with WIFI/and we already have ableton_link so

My Goal is a full featured Electro-acoustic audio deisign/performance tool with organelle. a World Class one in fact.



Cool will keep my an eye out fo that one :slight_smile: Yeah sure some help patches are appreciated.

i am picking some basic effects at first so we can test it out talk about reverbs man csound has a smorgasbord