How to make the Organelle more hifi / do these objects/externals exist for Organelle?

Edit: Updated the post after tips!

So I am really loving the Organelle. Now with multiple wifi presets, VNC in full screen from my laptop, web server to transfer patches etc. (still need to set up sd card for patches).

One thing I have been thinking about is that with a few audio processing objects it would be much more usefull for me. I love making patches for it, use it for sampling, synthesis sequencing etc. But these are the things I feel I am missing sometimes. Maybe it is just me not finding them but while all the data handeling seem like it is pretty much there sometimes I feel like the audio fidelity can be a bit boring.

Does these objects exist for PD:? (updated)

A good reverb: [rev3~] (and 1 and 2) seems like very good starting points!

A nice analog sounding filter. [Bob~]'s your uncle.

A simple EQ. Still looking into this one.

A saturation object. [overdrive~] from Cyclone sound nice!

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hi :wave:

in Pure Data you have a “List of objects…” in the Help menu, there are objects you are looking for at the bottom of the list : [rev3~] reverb, [bob~] filter, … but no EQ, i made some for Orac you could modify and use it for your patch :wink:

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Cool! I’ll test out [rev3~] and [bob~] for sure!

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There are 3 reverbs, the [rev1~] is mono :wink:

Thanks for the help! Updated the first post!

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