Reverb on organelle : oto bam // bim

Bonjour !

I’m Looking for an organelle patch : a powerfull reverb / Delay like the OTO BAM

If you don’t know The OTO BAM or The OTO BIM :

What do you think ?

Merci et bon appétit !

Look at freeverb object that I believe is included with the PD installed on the Organelle. It’s decent.

There is nothing -exactly- like this yet on the organelle i don’t think, but yeah - this would be great!
the rings reverb patch @thetechnobear released has parameters which respond well to live manipulation
@shreeswifty made a patch with a great selection of IR reverbs.
search ‘reverb organelle’ on

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Yah that convolver reverb patch is great!

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Merci beaucoup !!

I Will test that, as soon as possible :sunny:

Little question ? There is not freeze option on these patches ?

heyyy @chapelierfou ! salut louis ! C’est Romain des Dirty :wink:

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Try ‘infinite verb’ just look on patch storage and try some reverbs out

Salut !
There is a “Freeze” input on freeverb~ !


@dwosb The Granular Freezer patch ‘freezes’ audio…

I just made some deep reverb/delay happen with orac ! On a 1x10 chain:
Module 0 = freezer
Module 1 = delay
Module 2 = r_reverb

Would be really great to make an orac preset that these three modules in triplicate (but with different settings) with a 3x3x1 chain. Or if you didn’t like the granular freezer, 4x2x1 chain with the delay and r_reverb. or 4x2x1 chain with r_reverb & delay, r_reverb & chorus, r_reverb & r_reverb, r_reverb & flanger…

orac is awesome!

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