Plundering Vanilla


I erroneously logged into patch storage “Pd-Vanilla” section this morning so the cats and i browsed some the latest contributions that those Vanilla Goons have been uploading. :slight_smile:

Ha! no seriously the Cats and i found a few patches that might very well be Organellified. Organellification starring David Duchovny.
Have you looked over there?
Have you seen any patches that give you a cyber chub?

one looked cool but it had pretty colors N stuff that obviously would have to be remov-ED. but perhaps we have a treasure trove of patches to plunder. :slight_smile:

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And i didn’t know that they have a Pd-Vanilla car club with Satin Baseball Jackets and stuff already…

this one looks nice —>

broken smiley --> : )

So far only Andy?
We are going to be driving around in Satin Baseball jackets in my Dad’s Station Wagon and you guys will be sorry you didn’t browse.

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I tried converting this for organelle when i first got my organelle and started trying to learn pd. It didn’t work for me - would be cool if somebody could do it!

Here is the limited edition [limited meaning i am not modifying these only converting them , not posting them anywhere else or dealing with support other than quickly doing the coding …lol

so here is # 1 in the Satin BaseBall Jacket Series [Andy-Chorus Shift] :slight_smile: hahahahahha (132.0 KB)

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wOW! that was quick! I didn’t expect that. thankyou!

did you dig that SBBJ moniker?

oh yeah, i dig it. i mean i’m feeling it and digging it and stuff.

: )

Did the patch achieve heaviosity?

Curious how this might sound

I was wondering if this would be in range of what we are talking about here or I am just too ignorant… (6.3 KB)

here is the satin baseball jacket of benedict XVI


The idea was to Plunder Vanilla (5.3 KB)
letting slide this time but you need to take a lap


me and a couple of pals were gonna start a noise/doo-wop act for a party once, with pearl coloured satin jackets reading ‘dreamers’ on the back. never happened, but maybe thats for the best…

Others may be experiencing something different to me, but keys and knobs don’t seem to affect any sound in Benedict XVI. :frowning:
Aux plays a short loop, but even with that playing the knobs don’t seem to work!

It’s a quick port, I think we’re on our own to try and connect some thingamajigs and try to make it happen!

ah right fair play i’ll have go

Lemme know if you get it! I’m 40 pages in to Designing Sound so I’ll have a go too!