MarSpider - drum is not drumming

here is the new drum patch
i am sharing it for feedback before i menu the fucker

three euclidean drums [Kick, Snare and hihat]

and a variable changing the filter frequencies

Bass Drum
Shaper & Lowpass

Phaser & Flanger

VCF Filter

6 Channel EQ


Is this a drum synthesizer? Because I would love one that could be used with the KMI BopPad. 4 drums would be better for that, but only if that would work with the patch.

This IS a drum patch
It has three voices and what i shared up above
I do not know what a bop pad is link me perhaps

It’s a midi drum pad with multiple zones, plus after touch and velocity and such. 4 drums would be good for the 4 quadrants, but it is capable of more. It is configured with its own app.

looks nice but does not apply at all to this synth. This synthesizes drums in a trio [a fourth could be added but i am generating sequences and values though a euclidean algo and a table function, so other than the Bop pad sending note messages i don’t think it’s a good fit in this case.

I do make patches for specific use scenarios and you can if you like private message me if you want to commission a patch for your organelle to use with it


Looking good :wink:

Ah gotcha. Didn’t see that it was autogenerating rhythms. I will probably just wait for the release and modify it to work with MIDI note triggers and the BopPad advanced MIDI options. Thanks!

yeah for something that specific you are probably good to go with the included stuff

is it possible to hook a kick trigger to the bop pad?

Not that I’ve seen. You could add it to your setup somehow, I would think. Like two separate MIDI devices with the Boppad set to not use the same MIDI note as the kick. I have not seen anything out of the box though.