PokeHex - Pokemon based granular synth

PokeHex is a cursed Pokedex for cry mangling.
[Will add a video later if I get a good phone/camera]


  • At Its core it’s a granular synthesizer with double header.
  • Change speed and pitch independently of each other.
  • Reverse playback, and and set In and Out markers.
  • 6 voice poly (super easy to add more if you need it).
  • Damp pedal drop an octave, even of the currently hold keys.
  • All original 151 pokemon sprites demaked for 1 bit graphics with lots of care.
  • I end up going for the updated cries. There are way more unique and interesting to mangle that the GB originals. Sorry genwunners.
  • The most haunted way to play Lavender Town theme to date! :ghost:


  • Note Keys: Cry
  • K1: Browse through the 151 Pokemon
  • K2: Playback speed
  • K3: Playback start point
  • K4: Playback end point
  • Aux: Play the cry in the original duration, speed and pitch. Blink in the poke color type.
  • Encoder: Browse one by one
  • Encoder Btn: Exit patch

DOWNLOAD from patchstorage


This is fantastic!
I was in my mid 20’s when Pokemon came about so I missed it completely though I knew about it - I have a 9 yr old son who is really into Pokemon card decks so I can’t wait to show him this.
In itself, this patch is a really brilliant idea and a great way to showcase the diversity and application of the Organelle. Love the GUI and the way it works - super smart and lot’s to learn from - so a big thankyou!!

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Okay, these new patches are getting absolutely insane, can’t wait to try this one out

we really had fun playing with this patch tonight, everybody loved the pixels so much. Thank you!!

Finally got to play this and the Pong patch. So unbelievably cool! I never would have imagined the Organelle doing these things. Thank you so much!

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Updated this patch because was a fav.
Fix some bug on the drawing of the screen, but mainly added a tiny 4track looper with effects.
It works like alphaloop, where everything is quantized so:
good thing: All is in sync, and you can create nice polytechnics and you can change the speed of already recorded tracks.
bad thing: you have to press record BEFORE the beat.

Probably will change it to something more simple but easier to use in the most common cases…
But for now, instructions of this looper are in patchstorage: https://patchstorage.com/pokehex/