PONG - Videogame + Generative Synthesizer


It’s Pong, for Organelle!

Equal parts video-game and a generative chiptune synthesizer.
It’s my first patch, but already put quite some time into it.
[will add gifs and videos later]

Main Features:

  • The classic pong game. You can set one player, two players or cpu controlled paddles, score limits, etc.
  • Handmade graphics and fonts.
  • The bounces, goals, win states, etc, interact with the keys you are playing generating arpeggios and overtones.
  • The synth engine it’s HEAVILY inspired by the Zone patch of C&G. (The position of the ball sets the mixing of the four wavetables)
  • Ship with 30 wavetables that grabbed my attention because sounded a looked unique. (credits to NESWaves, The Zone Patch and mainly AKWF).
  • Unlike Zone, you can change individually each table for each quadrant of the field.
  • Attack, Release, Transpose and Portamento of the keys
  • Support for damp pedal
  • Tweak speed and size of the ball, and size of the paddles. Most of the graphic stuff is mapped to filters and transposers. So you see what you play and you hear what you see.
  • A delay engine for the ball sfx.
  • Stereo mode for the ball and arpeggios sounds
  • A secret beatboxy screen with pixel art cameos from C&G

DOWNLOAD from patchstorage


That is strange, did you reach out to Patch Storage?

I noticed this too. I think it’s a conflict with the permalink structure on the (wordpress powered) patchstorage site.

You can also grab the download from the ‘organelle’ patch category view:

Congrat for that. Very clever patch and beautifull display.

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Yes, thanks, they hardcoded a new permalink name, so problem is solved now!
Updated the post with the new direct link to the zipfile.

It’s fabtastic!

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This is amazing! I love seeing more creative things done with the organelle screen. Great graphics! And I love that secret beat screen.I was hoping the knobs would control the tempo of the beat or something else. Thanks for this great patch.

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Waw that’s great work! :clap:

Unfortunately the framerate isn’t good (at least on my unit / Organelle M) so the game is unplayable, but that’s still impressive…

Thanks for sharing. :v:

Well, that it’s super weird, and kinda sad to hear. Maybe OM do things differently in the graphic pipeline?. In the Original organelle, this run pretty pretty smoothly (at least in the two organelles I have accesses)

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I’d like to know because i would love to run it smoothly too…!

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Sadly i have this graphic issue with other great patches you made… Pianelle runs almost smoothly (just having some clicks and some fps drop), but borkganelle, Drawave and pokeHex have slow fps. It would be nice if someone with a M here could confirm, i’ll try to look into it but i have no idea what’s in cause, so if someone from C&G has an idea… Thanks :pray:

a sequencer implemented as pong, neat.

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So, even weirder then… because pianelle works exactly like that here too… It was the most intensive one by far, but not for graphical reasons. It’s a long time since I did anything puredata/organelle related, so I don’t have a clue of what was different on the other patches that kind be producing this lag in the OM.
Surely OM is doing something different when it gets the draw calls from the patch, but too busy right know to try to guess what can be happening without a om to debug. Sorry! And If you eventually finds out, please let me know!

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Just got this patch yesterday - totally great work (luckily I kept my organelle 1). I’m curious if for someone with limited pd experience it would be possible to mod this to make a sequencer that has several “pong balls” that each trigger a sample when they strike the edge of screen. Thinking 4 balls max and to control speed of each with the knobs, maybe have a 2nd screen for sample selection.
Aux plus key press could reorient any one of the balls with a random value.

I imagine first thing might be to find the parts of the patch that are necessary and eliminate the rest to simplify it. Then making 2nd screen and dealing with sample loading.

I got the idea from an ig post where someone had something like this going on norns.

Sorry if this isn’t right place to post this idea. Anyway love the patch - thanks for making it :slight_smile: