PolyLoops doesn't work on Organelle M

I have a problem with PolyLoops patch. When I open the patch, the sections “Polybeats” and “Swing” doesn´t load correctly. At the Polybeats section it only appears in the screen the line “tempo”, and at the Swing section it appears nothing. Is anyone experimenting the same problem??
Cheers to everyone and thanks in advanced!

The error has to do with a capitalization discrepancy in one of the patch’s file names. When files are stored on the microSD card, Pure Data must reference them with the same upper/lower case as the filename.

In this image, you can see that the author used an uppercase P for the declaration of ‘Polybeats 1’
…but the file is actually called ‘polybeats.pd’ with a lowercase p

If you rename the filename to ‘Polybeats.pd’ it should work…

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Thanks very much chrisk!! it worked perfectly after renaming with the uppercase P. Thanks for all the images too, it made me really easy to go and solve the “error” quickly.

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For future reference: You could have also modified the PD file (changing the capital P to lowercase p in the declaration/load section), but there may be other instances of Polybeats with a capital P in other PD files that you would have had to track down and change as well. Changing the filename as you did is slightly easier in this case.