Power Supply For UK Use

While the supplied power adaptor can be used in the UK I found that I really wanted an alternative power adaptor that had a UK plug on it. Looking around I found this from maplin.co.uk product code L46BL - 9V 2250mA AC/DC Switched Mode Power Supply. This works without any problems. Just make sure that the polarity of the tip is correct (you can plug the tip in one of two ways). I used a multimeter to double check mine. Hope this helps someone else.

Good to know! I’m getting some voltage leakage that’s tingling my fingers when i touch the case when i use it with the power supply it came with. I’ll have to check that adaptor out.


I’m just about to plug mine in, don’t want my skin to be too electrically excited for too long :slight_smile:

A dumb question, maybe. What do you mean when you say the plug tip has two ways to be plugged in?


@trains The end of my mains adaptor has a plug on it which you can then plug in whatever tip is required. There is a selection of common tips supplied with the adaptor. The selected tip can be plugged (orientated) in one of two ways depending on whether you want the centre to be positive or negative. Nothing to do with the Organelle itself in case you were wondering…

@Eloop I still get voltage leakage with my UK adaptor - so it is a minor issue with the Organelle itself. The leakage tingle is eliminated when I plug the Organelle into my mixer.

Thanks for the explanation, I’m easily perplexed by adapters and cables. Fine with sounds, not fine with wires.