UK Users - How do you power your Organelle?

I will be receiving my Organelle in a few days and am really excited to use it - i’m just a little worried about frying it with the wrong adapters/PSU cables after spending so much money. I have found cables which i think might have the right specification in terms of voltages and amps, but can’t find any information on the size of the input socket on the organelle. Can anyone offer some advice? Sorry to start such a dull topic!

I could just use a travel adapter, but as i say - bit worried it might fry the organelle. Am i just being daft?

I’ve been using a travel adaptor since I got mine. No problems to report. Enjoy your Organelle!

Daftness confirmed. Haha, cheers Donnie.

Thanks for getting an Organelle! You can use the power supply that the Organelle shipped with. The power supply’s input is rated at 100-220VAC, 50/60Hz so it will work on the UK power grid.

However, you will need a ‘plug’ adapter to match the UK wall socket shape:


Up and running and haven’t left it alone for the two days since i got it. Girlfriend calling Organelle the ‘other woman’. Thanks for your help guys.