Presets - saving/changing

Hi! When i save a preset i can’t choose a “slot” so i guess with every save a new preset is created. But when i try it the same preset is always overwritten… Choosing a different preset just starts the preset i recorded… What am i missing?


If you want to save a Preset without a sequence, just record enable a sequence and then cancel it by pressing Shift. This will delete the currently-loaded sequence. Then save the preset.

Yes, that works. But if i want to save a new preset it overwrites the first one…

The arrows on either side of the Disk icon scroll through the other saved presets.

Are you trying to save a preset while in Disk Mode? This is not advised.

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YES! That was the cause of my problem! Have been in disk mode… Thanks!

Thanks for the update. Yes - Disk Mode is only for moving files around. If you’re in Disk Mode and you create sequences or presets by using the 201 hardware, unpredictable behavior can occur. So its best to get out of Disk Mode once you’re done with file management.

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