No output sound

Hello everyone
the other day I was with my organelle in the house of a friend playing, we connect a microphone in the input and the outputs do not sound anymore
neither the headphones
the level markers confirm that the signal exists but the organelle does not produce any sound
Has anyone experienced something similar?
Any advice to check if the outputs are broken?

A di marzio contact on a autoharp…
any patch no one is running…

Have you emailed c&g? Hopefully it can be fixed.

i dont live in USA

You can still email them, try it - you never know there might be hope for your organelle.

Hello Organelle users ! My organelles output (the 1/4 jacks, and headphone jack) are not working. The organelle powers and seems to be functional in every other way. Should I try to redo my Sd card? Should i take it apart and check for wiring issues? Should I send it in? I emailed c&g but my friend had a similar issue and he said they never got back to him . Please let me know what i should do ! Thank you

I send it to a person who works repairing synts
No other Solution works for me

But the repair service worked? Your organelle is functional again?