Problems starting Organelle (display only loading up to 13%)

Greetings all!

I am trying to start up my Organelle unit but the power load only goes up to 13%
then its goes back to 0% and start over in an endless loop.

I have done these insightful actions:

  1. Taking out the memory card, dusted it off and put it back in.
  2. Taking out the power chord and blowing it for dust as well as doing the same
    in the plug on the organelle.

I would be forever thankful if anyone knew how to solve this small dilemma on this awesome product. Is this a major or small bug?

Keep enjoying your weekend!



Restarting at 13% usually implies some kind of power problem, so cleaning the power connector was a good idea, but it might be a problem with the adapter itself. Are you using the adapter that came with the Organelle? You could try a replacement, just make sure it is 9VDC at least 1000mA (1A), and ‘center-positive’ (this is different from many guitar effects for example)

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