Urgent: organelle not starting! I’m on tour

Played with the organelle several times without problem, yesterday when starting my set it didn’t want to turn on at all, like nothing absolutely happen.
The only thing which happened is that there were a power shutdown the night before on stage so it was not shut down properly … but still, now it is not working at all … same power supply, everything … any idea?? I of course tried to re-insert the sd card etc etc
It is my main device for my live set and I’m currently on tour in south east asia (i have to play in a few hours) so needless to say that it’s a pretty shitty and embarassing situation
Any idea?

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so the screen is totally blank? doesn’t say ‘starting’ or anything? This sounds most like a power problem, and could be the power adapter itself that is broken. Do you have access to another power adapter to try? not shutting down properly will not cause a problem like this, it should still turn on / boot up.

Can you double check the power connections that your power supply connects to? It could be that a power strip needs to be reset or there’s a faulty connection somewhere else…

Will try to find another power supply, thanks
And yes it is just blank screen, like absolutely nothing is happening, dead device.
And yes i tried many plugs, right now i’m in the hotel room for example.

That’s already a useful info to know that a sudden shutdown cannot affect it as much. I was really worried it burnt the all system

This might seem irrelevant to your problem but where are you playing in se asia? I’ve got an organelle with me here in Dalat, Vietnam. Heading to Saigon again in 3 days. Quick way to find a power supply around here could be going to a computer shop and looking for a wifi router plug or similar, with a 2.1mm centre +tive jack and 1a 9v supply.
Hopefully youre playing somewhere nearby and i get a chance to see ya live!

Good luck Tzii…
If you have power supplies for your pedals (9V center negative) you could try to find a polarity inverter cable and check if this works…

Wannop i already played vietnam last week, the last remaining gigs are in malaysia (kuala lumpur and Ipoh)… too bad
Flavien yes I have 9 v for the pedals (with of course the wrong polarity for organelle yes), didn’t know you could invert with just one cable? Luckily i have now two days off in kuala lumpur and it’s a big major city with i guess electronic shops… will try to find a way to invert yes

As a “back-up plan” I have always a USB 5v to 9v converter attached to a power bank just in case…
Similar to this does the trick

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