Program change offset from Digitakt

I’ve noticed that when I send program change messages from my Digitakt to Eyesy, the scene number is offset by +1. So I send program change 1 - Scene 2 is activated.

It’s always consistently offset like this, but otherwise functions normally. The program change values being sent to other synths don’t have this issue, value X recalls patch X in all other circumstances. I would venture a guess this is due to Eyesy accepting values 0-127 while Digitakt is sending values 1-128, but I haven’t tested this.

Is there a way to offset this without the use of external midi filtering? Can the puredata pgmin function be manipulated to get these to line up?

One thing you could try is editing the scenes.csv file in a text editor. By creating a new first scene from scratch or copying and pasting an existing scene, it would shift all the subsequent scenes one number.

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that’s what I’m currently doing. it just gets hairy when sequencing long sets, I forget the offset and throw the rest of out order. trying to find one less thing to think about.

Change this bit in eyesy.pd (in the pd-midi section) to +1 the input

but this would make ALL program changes from any device that way. Maybe that doesn’t matter if you’re not sequencing eyesy from anything aside from the Digitakt?

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 6.09.19 PM

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thanks, this is what I was looking for. I had a hunch you would know @okyeron! Digitakt is currently the only thing I’m using to send program change, and I can change it back if it I need to. I had hopes that the Retrokits RK006 would be able to do the offset as a filter, but for some reason it’s very limited in options.

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Hi, I was wondering how you got your Digitakt to send cc messages to the Eyesy, I tried connecting mine with a 5 pin to trs adapter (from a zoia) I can’t make heads or tails of the correct adapter to get, this one would not work. How did you connect your Dt to your Eyesy? Thanks!