EYESY Gain Knob

How are you all doing?

I’ve been well, been learning to code new patches and I really enjoy it.

Working on a special project and I ran into an issue, was wondering if you could help.

Is there an API to assign the Audio Input Gain to a specific knob?

If not, can we get one pllleeaasssseee!

I know you can press the shift button and turn knob 1 to adjust this, the problem is with live performances. For instance, when the music being played has a dynamic range and you need to adjust the gain, using shift + knob 1 sends up the text “1. Input Gain, 2. Trigger Source, 3. MIDI Channel” it breaks up the immersion.

API to assign the Gain to a knob could remove this problem or if we had an option to hide the text when using shift + knob 1 that would be wonderful too!



+1 for this.
Removing dedicated Gain pot is for me the biggest flaw on moving from ETC to Eyesy. Input gain is such a fundamental control for live patching and showing Shift menu for the audience is such a downer.

Would it be possible to add an option for the Editor for the Shift menu to be located into the OSD menu so it wont be visible during the live performance?


Also agree wholeheartedly. It’s very disappointing to have this shift menu appear to the audience, and I would like to be able to not have the gain cranked so high for all modes when the scope modes don’t need it like the trigger modes do when they are set to trigger by audio (I find that I have to be above 120% for those trigger modes to do anything) Is there a way we can promote this topic to get more attention to it?


Just posting again to keep this topic relevant.

I bought a Rhythm Scope for $200 a couple of months ago and started working on coding the rhythm scope scenes for the EYESY, because I think it would be great to have access to these legacies (Rhythm Scope, Color Video Scope and Black and White Video Scope).

The Scopes have a dedicated Gain Knob, that’s why it’s important to have API to assign the Gain to a knob in order to emulate them.

I’ll also admit I’m trying to code the scenes from the old scopes so that hopefully if ETC and EYESY owners have easy access to them the prices for the old scopes will go down. I mean $500 for an old Video Scope, yikes. I still want them, but not at that price!