Midi clock awareness

Hi there all!

Looking at the eyesy api I don’t see a way for it to have an awareness of the clock tempo or start/stop… Is that because there’s no way for it to know about those things? Or do I have to be CLEVER to get access to them?

I’d really like to be able to use the tempo as a way to control the speed of effects and movements etc (e.g. when the machine receives a mini-note, it draws a circle for 8 beats’ worth of time)

If you set the trigger input (using the shift key) to a MIDI clock division (like 1/4 note), the variable etc.audio_trig will get set to true for each 1/4 note.

The BPM value is not available, you would have to time how long a 1/4 note is, or several of them and average.

Thanks! That’s great that you can use the midi clock as a trigger though :slight_smile:

I’m sure I can make good use of that!

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