Projector advice

I have never purchased a projector before and am looking for some advice from anyone that has used the ETC with one. From my research, I’ve determined I likely need a short throw for my life shows.

It looks like the ETC has a 720p output. So is it pointless to get something that supports 1080p? If I’m dropping $600 on a short throw 720p projector I might as well go all the way to 1080p, but will this diminish the quality of the image?

I know this isn’t specific to the ETC and is just general advice, but any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve used two different (regular throw) 720 projectors, and the visuals are Dynamite. don’t splurge on 1080 unless you see other value in it…

Short throw are more expensive too, so you should check if you really need short throw. I guess if you have the projector on stage with you short throw is what you need, but the image really expands quickly as you move it from the screen. Short throw are like .5:1 and regular more like 2:1 (distance:size), I find this annoying cause I seem to always want 1:1 which isn’t available…

Thanks for the response! That’s really helpful.