Temperamental ETC

Hey there, I’ve just become the lucky owner of an ETC (I’m new to the wonders of C&G and it seems not many go on sale…) however I’m having some problems with it and am getting closer to the ebay money back limit…

I’m yet to have the ETC working for more than a few minutes out of several hours of trying to troubleshoot.

After plugging in the power;

  • If HDMI is plugged in, the light stays blue with occasional flashing green. Eventually it goes red. It seems to try to connect to the projector but never succeeds.
  • When HDMI isn’t plugged in, mostly the light goes blue to red. Occasionally (maybe 10% of the time) the light will go from blue to white. After then plugging in the HDMI, it goes back to the blue/green flash loop.
  • When the USB isn’t plugged in, it says Modes can’t be found, even after inserting the USB - I guess it needs it in from the very start and doesn’t rescan?
  • When it has managed to work, it’s worked for between 10 seconds and 2 minutes but then “crashed” and gone back to the same blank screen, blue and green light flash.

I’ve tried a few different USB sticks, reformatting and reading Modes. I think it may be slightly more successful when trying to make the ETC work but it’s pretty hard to tell with the low success rate anyway…

I’ve also updated a separate MicroSD with the latest img file, which again might have been slightly more successful briefly but hard to tell…

Any help massively appreciated. :pray::pray::pray::pray:

p.s. the previous owner had no problems like this and apparently he only had light use of it…

Can you post a photo of the specs of the power supply you are using to power the ETC?