Prost! diy device for connecting 2 midi hosts

Prost! uses Arduino Pro Micros as intermediary to allow Midi host to Midi host communication.

Prost! uses 2 Pro Micro boards (or any compatible board or clone with an Atmel 32u4 chip) connected serially (TX/RX) in order to pass USBMidi data.

Here’s a demo video with Ableton Live, an Organelle, and Norns/Fates. If you’re interested in building your own, check out the Github repo with all you need to get up and running.

Longer demo on YouTube

For now I’m using a simple protoboard, while I further test. In the future I’ll create a custom PCB to make hardware implementation even easier.

Prost! IRL


Looks good, I order 2 32u4 boards and will try to build that!

Yesterday, a friend soldered me such a thing on a soldering breadboard (we had only one-sided, it was not easy). Installing boards on two sides, TRS jacks between them and wiring them takes out the brain. We assembled it with Sync Jack and MIDI-TRS and without buttons and LEDs. It works fine, I can use Sync to Pocket Operator and MIDI over TRS to Korg NTS-1 at the same time from Ableton (using one board connected to Mac). I have not tried to use it with Ableton and Organelle yet, but I think there should be no problems. It seems to me that there are not enough side photos to understand that the device is getting quite thick.
Very useful thing, thanks for posting and good detailed documentation and board schema!

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great to hear it worked for you. I’m nearly done designing a board that would makes the form factor smaller and would add support for TRS Midi and analog sync (for Volcas, etc.). Once I’m done and tested I’ll post here for you or anyone else who might be interested.

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I’ve started this thread: Organelle USB Midi and MPC Live as a host
Because I want to control some synth of the organelle with my MPC Live. I can’t find any infos about how to achieve that?
Does your Prost! works as a standalone module?

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I responded to you in that thread