Psych and prog rock sounds

Hi gang,

n00b here, got my organelle on the way and studying up on the homework so i can get hands on with it asap.

i’m a guitarist by trade so there will be a few learing curves in it for me. Mostly in the rock/psych/prog realm of music.

I’m chasing a patch similar to the synth in these songs please if anyone has a recommendation. during the intro about a minute in the low freq bassy kind of synth. Love this.
and then at the keys solo at 7:55. Sounds like it kinda vibratos a bit or has some pitch wheel if that’s possible on an organelle…?

Also Tame Impala - Elephant
Synths @ 1:13 - 2:45

i love fuzzy synth tones looking forward to hearing what you geniuses have come up with.

Cheers for your help!!

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The synths on that track kind of reminded me a bit of this Juno 104 patch or even the Polylogue

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