Qu bit chord module

quite tempting…anyone willing to go through building the patch? ::))


That is a good idea for an organelle patch, it works well for the interface.
Inspired me to do a patch that generates three or four note chords from single keys, either changing depending on the key or fixed for all keys:


it produces a terrific sound!

nice! would you consider replacing the tremolo w long delay? ::))

Ive swerved modular so far but just checked this video and looks like a really cool module. Would love to see this done on Organelle!

In the meantime, looking forward to checking out zchord :slight_smile: thanks @WyrdAl

That’s what it’s based on man, really rad too! If you’re after the kind of modular automation you get with the module you can use MIDI cc’s to modulate the various parameters.

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