Stereo, long sample playback sampler that can loop a sample?

Looking for a sampler that can play longer samples (still sub 1 minute) in stereo and toggle them on and off as a loop. Currently using JM Charcot’s Long Sampler player Stereo patch but it doesnt play the samples at a loop and has some button activation errors.

Any suggestions?

Bumming this up. I know there are a ton of sample patches for the Organelle, just need one that can play (and keep playing) longer samples in stereo

should be fairly easy to do using readsf~ and connect its bang output to the filename so that it plays the same file over and over. And the toggle button is very simple to achieve:

[r notes]
[route {yournotenumber}]
[select 100] // route sends the velocity out and that’s either 100 or 0 for Organelle’s own keys
message with the filename to be looped

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s3rquencer can play pretty long samples, It has to be slightly modified to stereo though. I could do the mod if you are interested:

I m using picostudio
You can play 4 samples and manipulate them

You have to read the manual there are some play pause and stop touch to know