Questions before buying

Hello nice people,
i’m thinking about buying an organelle m, and have this questions left, witch i couldn’t find anwers to… maybe you could help me:

  1. is it easy do upgrade (better rasberry Pi, for running intense orac patches)?

  2. can (and how) could i sync to a pioneer dj mixer?

3)stream audio through usb cable to pc/daw (maybe even multitrack in orac)?

4)possible to use midicontroller like allen&heath xone for pc/daw(bitwig) AND organelle? maybe diffrent midi channels? or routing in bitwig?

thanks alot & have a nice day :slight_smile:

The Organelle M uses Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3. The other rPi modules don’t have the same connector so swaping modules is not really possible.

Are you trying to sync MIDI clock? The Organelle M is a USB host (type A connection) so if your mixer is a USB Device (type B connection) you can sync that way. Not all Organelle patches generate or use MIDI clock.

More here: How To : PD - using an external USB audio interface

You would need to route your MIDI data in bitwig.

thanks chris for the quick answer, i will buy one and go from there :slight_smile: