RE-Tape Echo for Organelle

Hey there !
As i own a Roland RE-150 Space Echo and love it, i decided to recreate it for the Organelle. While it’s not 100% modelled, it’s pretty accurate to the real thing and very enjoyable.

Get it here :
Github :

Featuring :

  • original controls on the first page : 6 echo modes, repeat rate, intensity, echo volume
  • two play heads with a fixed delay ratio of 1 to 3
  • bypass
  • two individual gain controls

Imperfections :

  • a repeat rate-dependent filter as a tape simulation : low repeat rate = less highs, high repeat rate = better highs, high-pass filter at 130Hz, modelled on my RE-150
  • motor speed fluctuations : wow, flutter, dirt
  • input bleed to echo
  • bad erasing head

Fun stuff :

  • 10 presets state saving system
  • tap tempo and fine tempo control (1 and 0.1bpm steps)
  • 4 routing modes :
    • 1 + 2 to echo to LR
    • 1 to echo to L, 2 to R
    • 2 to echo to R, 1 to L
    • 1+2 to echo to R, 1+2 to L
  • o-knob enabled

Ho hi !

Me again.

There’s an update to 1.2.something.

It’s better, because PRESETS ARE ACTUALLY SAVED in case you just didn’t notice they weren’t (nobody did until i found out, haha).

To download it and test it, follow the links in the first post.

Enjoy !

CAVEAT : it’s not using the newly introduced “save new” system, it has its own preset system.


Sounds fantastic ! Thank you so much !

Thanks a lot !

this is still my favorite organelle patch

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Thanks, Patrick !

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This sounds really great…thanks

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This is a really nice patch. Thanks for sharing

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