Rec SLICER Patch for the Organelle

Hi everyone!
I did it again, sorry.

Slicer with recorder option.

You need a foot switch pedal in order to record.
Change the sound.wav for different sample on start.
It doesn´t write the file on the disk when you record.
Still a bit buggy and unpredictable
have fun!

Check the older sampler version here

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Hi, i’ve just managed to record the wavs 1-24 with the “Sample Recorder” Patch directly into the Slicer-Folder… you can make a copy of “Sample Recorder” then edit the sampler-voice.pd file to what location you want to record the wavs. I did it with the old Slicer Patch without recording option. The Samples of that recorder normally are saved in a folder called “Sounds”, next to Patches Folder. Just search for the text called “Sounds” in the sampler-voice.pd of the Recorder Patch and change it to what ever you like. For me it was then “Patches/0_SLICER” instead of “Sounds”… Very useful for that pow-pow-poly-patch too! Only downside is that samples are 2 seconds (maybe changeable)… but there’s this new “Recorder” Patch i didn’t try, maybe that works for longer samples to write them somewhere else…

Hi lasal !
How do I record a new sample ? The footswitch seems to switch off the input so even if that is recording it can’t get any signal.

What do you mean ?

Is it recorded in a buffer ? Why to put a sample in the patch folder if it works with a buffer ?

Thanks a lot for your work, I’m probably too thick to understand :wink: