Record MIDI Sequence from External Device & Loop it back to Device

Hey there! This is super helpful and awesome.
I had a slightly simpler routing that I wanted to try and maybe you could lend your expertise.
I wanted to simply run my USB/Midi to my Virus TI, then Loop midi information. Play something on the Virus, and have the organelle record the midi info and send it back to the virus, essentially creating a sequence. This works KINDA with the Analogue Style patch, but theres some sort of information getting sent that completely garbles the patch of the Virus… Any ideas on how I might fix this, or is there a more appropriate patch to use for this?


…this could be a MIDI loop. What happens if you disconnect the Virus TI’s MIDI output plug once you have recorded the sequence on the Organelle?

(Otherwise you may be getting something like this: