Recording Differences

I’m wondering what the difference is between Rec:Off/Armd and Rec?
Both record and don’t know why there are two in the AUX section.

For which patch?

A lot of patches have this option

Without knowing exactly which patches you are referring to, and assuming that you are using C&G-made patches, the two different record options accessible from the Aux Menu likely control sequence recording and audio sample recording.

For C&G-made patches that have a sequencer, the Aux Menu’s left column usually has the sequence controls. For example, the Tapey patch manual contains the following text (emphasis mine):

The following Aux commands are available on the Left Column:

Seq:Play/Stop – Plays or Stops selected sequence

Rec:Off/Armd – Controls Sequence Recording:
• When selected, Sequence is first Record Armed (Enabled). LED will be Pink. Sequencer is waiting for knob adjustment, key press or incoming MIDI note.
• When knob adjusted, key pressed or MIDI Note received, Recording starts. LED is Red.
• To end recording, press Aux (new seq begins looping immediately). LED will be Green and flash White on quarter note.

Dub:Off/On – Overdub on top of existing sequence. Counts in 3 Sec before starting recording. To end recording, press Aux and sequence begins looping immediately.

Undo – Reverts Sequence to previous state. If this command says ‘Undid’ you cannot ‘undo’ further.

Latch: Off/On – Toggles between playing segments after releasing keys or not.


There are five controls available in the Right column:

Rec: When selected, it is record enabled and a X will appear in that cell and the LED will turn pink. When a loud enough sound is played, the recording will start and the LED will turn red. An Aux press will end the recording.

For further information, a C&G-made patch’s manual explains the Aux Menu commands. These can be found on or the C&G Organelle Patches page.

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