Low Volume Through Interface - SOLVED

I recently purchased an organelle and it’s been working great when i hook it up directly to my monitors. I decided to finally start recording with it through my Scarlett 2i2 interface into Logic. I’m using a L/R to 3.5mm w/ a 1/4in adapter into my interface. When I got it all hooked up, to even get an audible sound I had to turn up the gain all the way on both the Scarlett and on the Logic track. This resulted in tons of noise to the point where a noise gate didn’t do much at all. I tried it on multiple patches and still all the same thing. The only one that worked at a normal gain was the Juno-104 synth, but only with the chorus effect on. Am I doing something wrong? Hopefully someone can inform me on how to fix this issue as I’m eager to start incorporating it into my music.


So you have the cable coming out of the headphone jack on the Organelle? Does this jack work when you use headphones? it could be the cable. have you tried patching the 1/4" Organelle output right to the interface?

i’m outputting from the 1/4" out, not the headphone jack. While it could be the cable, it’s brand new and a good cable so I highly doubt that it could be the cable. Is it normal to possibly need a pre-amp for the organelle? Also, could I possibly just use the organelle as an external midi device or does it only do midi in?

In your first post, you indicated:

I’m using a L/R to 3.5mm w/ a 1/4in adapter into my interface

The issue might be that you are inserting a 3.5mm male stereo cable into a monophonic jack. Is your 1/4" adapter stereo? Do you know if you are connecting the Left channel of the cable into the interface?

The Left connection is the only channel that would connect to the Organelle’s output jack. Listening to he Right channel will not work.
Please ignore the color information here http://download.esi-audiotechnik.com/kb/ESI/117/1.png:

Is this a problem you have noticed only with the Organelle? Could it possibly be your computers input/output levels? I’ve have this problem a while ago recording live instruments through a condenser mic and audio interface. I noticed that playing around with my sound settings did the trick. My computer came with some kind of crappy ‘beats audio’ sound system that was adding loads of gain to incoming sound signals from a microphone while limiting their volume - resulting in a hissy, quiet sound.

Alright I fixed it ! @chrisk I had a cable that was essentially a mono left right that Y’d into a 3.5mm plug that would then be fit into a 1/4" adapter bc my interface doesn’t have 3.5mm input. I fixed my issue however by just plugging into the left channel of the L/R output on the back of the organelle with a regular 1/4" to 1/4" cable. So, instead of worrying about getting a stereo output from the organelle i’m just sticking with mono output. This got rid of the volume problems instantly.

It seems you are jumping through hoops for nothing… the easiest solution would simply be just using two 1/4" mono cables to go out of the Left and Right of the Organelle into the two Inputs of your Scarlett, then you would have Stereo!

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