Scarlett 2i2 White Noise

I’ve connected my Organelle M to my Scarlett 2i2, through a 1/4 to XLR into Logic, but there’s substantial white noise. This usually doesn’t occur when my microphone is connected.

Are you using balanced cables or sending to an input that is expecting a balanced signal? If so, this could be causing the noise. The outputs on the Organelle are unbalanced.

Yes, I’m using the 1/4 to XLR, from the “L + R Out” on the Organelle to the input 1 on the 2i2.

I also see the input bar on the Organelle raise, even though it should only feed off the output, so I’m guessing there is input being sent back into the Organelle, I don’t know the reasoning though.


Not sure which Scarlett you have, but it might be something on the Scarlett side that is causing the hiss. From the Examples of Usage section of the 3rd Gen manual:

The Scarlett 2i2 has no “Mic/line” switch – the Focusrite preamp stage is automatically configured for a microphone when you plug an XLR into the input, and for a line or instrument when you connect a jack plug. Set the INST switch ON (‘INST’ illuminates red) if you are connecting musical instrument, e.g., a guitar in the example, using an ordinary 2-pole (TS) guitar jack. Set the INST switch to OFF if you are connecting a line level source such as a keyboard, synthesiser or the balanced output of an external audio mixer via a 3-pole (TRS) jack. Note the Combo connector accepts both TRS and TS types of jack plug.

The easiest thing to do might be to use a 1/4"-to-1/4" cable to connect the two devices rather than using the 1/4"-to-XLR.

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I might try that, whenever I used just the 1/4 to 1/4 cable, I couldn’t get sound to come up. I would connect the “L + R Out” of the Organelle to the Line Outputs Left and Right on the back of the 2i2, but to no avail.

I have this cord.

I now realize there is a possibility my 1/4 to XLR may be balanced, should I get an unbalanced just in case?


This is not the correct connection: You are connecting two outputs together!

You should connect the Organelle’s output to the Scarlett’s inputs.


YOU SIR! Have done me the greatest service, I never knew the inputs of the 2i2 were like that! I should off myself for never knowing. I read your comment and I thought “oh my god”, then a quick google search later and BAM! I’m about to make so much music, it finally clicked! I have now unlocked the organelle as now my tool, and music will be produced! I will never forget this! @chrisk :smile:


Great to hear! Thanks