Sampler Style Record but with a sequencer

Hello! I went ahead and was able to figure out how to disable the aux button from recording in this patche because I (or friends…) kept accidentally recording over samples I liked :X But I was hoping to find a way to replace it with a sequencer instead! I tried copying over the sequencer from patches like “Analog Style”, but I haven’t gotten it to work. I’m sure it’s because my PD knowledge is lacking. Does anybody already have their patch set up like this and would like to share? Please and a thousand thank yous!

PS: Sorry if this was already posted, I couldn’t find it!

Have you tried Loop Jam Rec?

This essentially is what I’m looking for, but having the ability to switch between mono and poly quickly is important for a few of the patches I have. I don’t see that ability on that patch.

I was also wanting to add a sequencer to Nori Sampler, which I found a link to, but on that version of the patch the “start point” and “duration” knobs don’t seem to do anything.

So I noticed that Loop Jam Rec retriggering sound isn’t really what I’m going for. Also it lacks the same sounding decay that the original Sampler Style Record patch. If anybody can tell me an easy way to just import the sequencer into Sampler Style Rec and Nori Sampler that’d be great! I’ve also tried using the “drum sampler” patch and replacing the wav files with the ones in my Sampler Style Rec patches, but the knob functions are slightly different. The original knob functions for both those patches are very important for their uses in some of my songs. I just need a little sequencer on the aux button and I’ll be golden for some solid live performances!

does this do it?

Sampler Style (1.5 MB)

I removed recorder and added sequencer instead. (I didn’t test it yet, but should work)

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I thought the original Sampler Style had a sequencer?

PERFECT! This is exactly what I needed. Many thanks!!

I was hoping to do this with the Nori Sampler too. I found a post from back in Dec of 2016 where you linked a Nori patch with a sequencer, I downloaded it, but it seems the Starting Point and Duration knobs don’t do anything anymore. The sustain is based on how long the key is held down. Is there a reason why I’m getting this issue?