Red Light and Sad Penguin upper left of screen?

I powered on my ETC for the second time and the light goes green real quick then blue and to red. There is a sad penguin in the upper left corner, sometimes there is a no signal input message from the projector? I am super bummed I just got this and have some shows coming in June that I wanted to get ready for. Any advice?

That’s strange, did it do this the 1st time you powered it or did it boot up successfully?

The red LED means there is a startup issue, so you should contact C&G. Is the adapter securely plugged in both unit and outlet? The green is what seems strange as that is a receiving MIDI message. And the penguin thing is weird, do you have a picture perchance?

Yes! It worked flawlessly for the first hour I had it. I turned it off, came back two days later and it did not boot up. When I plug in the power to turn on the green is momentary and then it goes to the blue boot up and about 20 seconds later to red. There is a boot up message that I see that happens quickly before showing the penguin.


Also the power button is not working to power it down when the penguin is on the screen. Hopefully unplugging it does not cause further issues.

Hi @omzfield, just replied to your emails to us.

Thank you for replying on a Sunday! I’ll give it a go.

Looks like I gotta send it back as I tried to reseat the sd card and it slipped into the unit. Argghhh

That’s too bad @omzfield I hope you can get it back before your gigs.

Does sad penguin indicate a problem with SD card? My ETC has always done well except it did freeze up and lose color once. Restarted and it hasn’t happened since.

Not sure about the penguin, I did re-seat the card twice and it did not change anything before it slipped into the unit. Seems like they will be speedy hopefully. Thanks

do you have an sdcard reader for your computer, if so you can try to rewrite the OS to the sdcard…
basically it sounds like ETC is not booting, so it possible that the sdcard image is corrupt. (though this is uncommon)

Fyi the penguin is Tux, the Linux mascot.

How did this work out for you? Did you resend the ETC to C&G?

I sent it, they said it was a problem with the USB drive, they sent me a new one! So far so good.