Xenakis Patch uploaded

Number2 for today. This is the first version of the Xenakis patch that also sports MIDI CC control of a few parameters. It makes a beautiful stochastic squall thanks to the genius of Iannis Xenakis



Ah, it’s great to see a surge of creativity breaking out on the forum thanks to your arrival here! Hope you keep the energy level up for a while :wink: The Organelle is wonderful, and your contribution is very much appreciated.

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Great stuff! Do you have a list of the CC numbers and what they are assigned to? Really like the granular patch you uploaded too. Broken beats seems interesting but it looks like it had more functionality when off the organelle, there are loads of objects and subpatches in there! I also found the wet reverb and dry signals were both panned hard left and right. I couldn’t find the throw~ objects to change it myself. Which subpatch are they in?

for which patch? the brokenbeats one? i’ll open em both up today and I’ll share the MIDI numbers for xenakis too today when i get to my office. they are CCs 6, 21-24 i think but i’ll double check, i am programming again today so when i get in to my office i’ll review them, i have an alternate LIVE GRNSMPLR that i need to double check it but i’d love feedback on it too