Remove/disable Seq3 from all Critter & Guitari patches?


I have been semi successful with my endeavour to implement this idea. I am trying to send out all the hardware (keyboard, knobs…) out of midi only (not to the patch directly). Because, then I send it into a Bastl midi looper and back into the organelle patch. This way I can loop both melodies and knob movements using the midi looper (similar to seq3, but also in patches without it). Furthermore, I can use the organelle knobs and keys to control other synths connected to the midi looper on a different channel, without triggering the internal organelle patch.
I have pretty much managed to implement this for most patches, by disconnecting the connections in the red circles. However, it doesn’t work with the Critter & Guitari patches that have Seq3. These patches still receive key presses even on a different midi channel and no knob changes at all. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for you help!!!

Key presses from the Organelle Keyboard are received by Seq3 as ‘notesRaw’ (sent from mother.pd) so you will have to edit the Seq3 patches so notesRaw are not received.

RE: Knobs, the knobs get a little more complicated because the patch may have more than one ‘page.’ However, in patch with one page like Analog Style, you can see that where knobs are used, there are two objects receiving knob values, for example: [r seq3-1-k1] and [r knob1]. You can replace these with just one object receiving a CC value from your Bastl.